Keynote speakers

Jonty Hurwitz

Born 1969, Johannesburg The Binge Thinking Collection is my study on the physics of how we perceive space. Each piece is the stroke of over 1 billion calculations and draws upon a unique way in which our brains interpret the spacial information they receive. I usually start by expressing a concept using mathematical tools, often involving billions of calculations and many months of preparation. I then explore ways to manifest these formulae in the physical world. Each piece is both an engineering and artistic challenge. The mediums I have worked with are perspex, steel, resin, powder, copper and acrylic.

Carlos Bayod

Carlos Bayod Lucini is an Architect and head of 3D scanning at Factum Arte. His work explores the technological processes that define the original qualities of objects, proposing a contemporary approach to the conservation of cultural heritage through high-resolution digitalization and the eventual creation of facsimiles (an exact re-materialization of a work of art). He is currently working on the development of the Lucida 3D Scanner, a system designed by the artist Manuel Franquelo to record the texture of paintings and relief objects. Since 2016 Bayod is Adjunct Assistant Professor of Historic Preservation at Columbia University.

Laura Martinez

Laura Martinez is a Spanish researcher and designer based in London. Martinez’s work explores the boundaries between digital technologies and craftsmanship, questioning how traditional, craft techniques can be implemented and combined with digital processes. With over ten years experience working in the areas of fashion, art and textiles, she specialises in technology and material research for surface design. Martinez holds a MA in Design for Material Futures from Central Saint Martins (UAL) and a diploma in Fashion Design from the University of East London.